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Life Renews

There’s something authentic inside you that most urgently deserves to be expressed in the world.  When you connect with all that is truly you and let go of what you are not, life renews.

Your Map to Authenticity

You have a personalised map called a BodyGraph™  A Human Design Foundation Reading decodes and synthesises the main structure of this map, giving you access to the ‘operating instructions’ for your life that you always wished you had.

Knowing your map can bring enormous relief, a huge sense of freedom, permission and sometimes grief for all the unnecessary pain caused by not knowing how to operate as your true self.  It’s ultimately empowering because it tells you specifically how and where to access your inner truth.

Decision by decision you’ve built your life, yet like most people you can be pulled between head, heart, emotion and intuition, practicalities vs higher callings. Human Design hands you your key so you can access the ultimate truth inside you.

Inner Truth from Body Wisdom

There are 7 different places that your inner truth could come from. Have you wondered which is yours? 


Jovian Archive Corporation is the International Rights Holder to The Human Design System, The Global Incarnation Index, Primary Health System and all knowledge derived from the teachings of Human Design System Founder, Ra Uru Hu. Copyright 1992-2017. The Rave BodyGraph™, the Rave Mandala™ and associated images are registered Trademarks of Jovian Archive Corporation.

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