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Although we belong to one of four genetic types, there is no one else just like you!

Which type are you?  Where does your inner authority reside?

Body Wisdom

Body wisdom comes from your ‘inner authority*’- all those inner messages that seem to come from nowhere, yet provide us with incredible wisdom if we listen:

Around *98% of people have inner authority 

For some it's their ‘gut’/sacral response

For others it's an ‘intuitive or instinctive knowing’

For around 50% of people it's clarity of awareness that arises from an emotional process

For some it's their heart or will

For others it's a higher alignment

For  around 2%, this navigation has it's source outside

As their alignment with environment 

Or  a rare process that unfolds over a lunar cycle

Human Design is a tool for awakening to the real you. From the first moment I found it, I was hooked. Even though I was already expert in many profiling tools, working with these professionally, Human Design offered me a profound depth and accuracy of insight and practicality that I’d not found elsewhere.
— Christine Spicer – Certified Analyst, Coach, Teacher of Human Design

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