Workshops as Retreats

Experiential learning takes Human Design deep into your being, with real live interaction between yourself and others bringing theory to life. 

Living Your Design - Level 1

Not only will you learn about the potential of your design, you’ll experience it. These four days open enough space to tenderly make contact with the truth of your inner guidance system and the originality of you. YourSELF. No matter how much you’ve studied Human Design this workshop takes you beyond the mind into the intelligence of your inner world, to feel inklings of what it’s like to navigate as you are born to be.

Full Focus - Projector Immersion

Imagine the chance to spend a weekend with your own type.  First time since 2017 that there’s can chance to fully focus on the extraordinary Projector type.

Generator/Manifesting Generator Immersion - Living In Response

3 days to go deeper into the potency of your design of life. A chance to connect with others stepping into the power inherent in your design.

We build on your lived experience and attune your felt experience.

Manifestor Immersion - This is a first!

There’s never yet been a Manifestor retreat in NZ. This year will be a first! This could be a chance to be with your own kind facilitated by the amplifying, uplifting aura of a reflector.