Experiential learning takes Human Design deep into your being, with real live interaction between yourself and others bringing theory to life. 

Living Your Design - Level 1

Did you know your authentic SELF already exists?  You don’t have to find it or become it, you just have to take away what you’re not.  Full empowerment comes from knowing who you are and how to navigate life as yourSELF. 

Rave ABC's - Level 2

Are you ready for more awakening to who you truly are? Having already attended the Living Your Design workshop you may be ready to dive more deeply into the mysteries and mechanics of your Human Design Bodygraph?

Rave Cartography -Level 3

Would you like to join three, four-day workshops taking your Human Design Awakening and Learning to the next level? Three retreats over five months for Rave ABC graduates. Starting June 2018.  

Living in Response

Immersion Workshop for Generators and Manifesting Generators

So your strategy is: Wait to respond.  Have you been waiting?  Are you afraid that if you wait, you’ll miss out?  You’re not alone.

Full Focus - Projector Immersion

Imagine the chance to spend a weekend with your own type.  This is the first ever NZ retreat with full focus on the extraordinary Projector type.

Aura Mechanics

Four types, four aura dynamics, four very different 'species'.  How would it be to get feedback about this bubble that you travel within every day of your life?  What would it be like to understand the world of those who are not like you?