Human Design Analysis & Readings


All readings are recorded and provide a resource for your ongoing use for the rest of your life. 

Foundation Reading – A synthesis of your ‘codes’ for authentic life and interaction. This forms the basis of all other readings.  All about your potential true self and your barriers to this - your 'not self'.  The operating manual for authenticity you wished you’d had all your life! 

Coaching  - Supporting you in reaching the potential of your true self, as you master the process of aligning with your inner authority.  Accelerates your deconditioning process and attunes you to your authenticity.

Advanced Analysis – Learn more about your design.  More depth about your personality and subconscious gifts, motivations, purpose and conditioning.

Relationship Analysis – See how your chart and that of a partner, parent, child, colleague or friend interact.  Together you create a ‘third thing’.  This outlines the themes, gifts and ‘hot buttons’ in any relationship.

Turning Point Analysis - At specific turning points in your life you’ll meet new challenges and perspectives ( 28 years, 40 years, 50 years) Anyone aged 3.5 years either side of these milestones will benefit from an insight into the energies that you’ll meet and be challenged to master, in these key phases of your life.

(Pre-)Birthday Analysis (Solar Return) – Each year you’ll be challenged by new development opportunities. What will be the themes for the coming year and how will you support yourself in meeting them as your SELF? 

Family Types Overview – Now that you know more about yourself, you may be curious to know more about the difference between you and the people you live with.  In one hour I can present an overview of 2 people closest to you e.g. 1 child and a partner or 2 children. You will learn the basics of their type, decision-making strategy and definition/openness with some insight into how this impacts on and relates to you.

Life Purpose and Life Path Analysis - These analyses look at the broad canvas of your life and bring your particular gifts and potentials into focus for you.  This analysis is relevant and helpful once you have been actively engaged in living your design using Strategy and Authority for at least a year.


NZ Pricing

All readings include analysis prior to our meeting. As an example, I allow at least 3 hours for a Foundation Reading i.e.  2 hours of analysis and preparation, then one hour to share the synthesis of this with you. 

  • Human Design Foundation Readings and one-off coaching sessions are at the 2009 price of $200 till 31 May 2019. From 1 June 2019 $250

  • Advanced individual analysis and readings or partnership coaching session are $290

  • Partnership Reading (both partners perspectives) $330 otherwise if the focus is just for one person the individual advanced analysis fee applies. (This assumes both partners have already had a foundation reading with me)

For Leadership Coaching a different fee scale applies

NZ Prices include GST

For readings outside New Zealand please enquire; fees are in USD and transaction fees apply

Request Bank Account Details when you book a reading

You can request a 10% discount on a further session for yourself, if you refer a friend and they have a reading. 

You can receive your reading face to face by meeting with me in my consulting room in Auckland, New Zealand or from anywhere in the world on ZOOM.