Enquiry or Registration - Level Three

Rave Cartography

Dates –  June 22-25 & Aug 24-27 & Oct 12 - 15 2018

  • 12 days facilitation, venue & materials
  • Workshop nights accommodation shared twin at Sharda Centre, pillow case and bottom sheet included, bring sleeping bag or duvet
  • Catering - vegetarian with gluten and dairy free options available on request 
  • Maximum  participant number is 14
  • Love to come but on a limited budget?  Spread payment plans are available, please could you ask?

Foundation Price –  $3,300.00   If money is an issue  and you'd like to take part, can you talk to me about a Payment Plan*? 

10 Foundation Places form a viable group.

Secure your place at the Foundation Price with a  non-refundable $200 registration fee.  Available to the first 10 to pay or till Friday 30 March 2018. 14 places only. Please pay your remaining balance before each retreat.  Dates TBC.

Is money an issue? Set your *payment plan as a specific amount per week, agree an end date and keep me updated as to your progress. EG $50 pw, $70 pw, $100 pw, $200 pw spread through 2018.  You do the maths and let me know what is possible for you.  (Ensure any travel plans are transferrable and or refundable in case of cancellation as no liability is taken for associated costs).   

Full Price -$3,600.00 (once the 10 Foundation Places have been taken)  

 Secure you place with a non refundable $200 registration fee.  Places are limited to 14. Apart from payment plans each balance is due before each retreat. Dates TBC.

Payments Here - ASB 12 3077 0016565 00 or ask for a Paypal request


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Rave Cartography Enquiry or Registration
What would you like me to know? Do you have questions? Are you coming from overseas or flying in? (We advise purchasing transferrable tickets as no liability is taken for any associated costs of attending)
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Which type of place would you like? 10 Foundation Places are available. Total participant numbers limited to 14.
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Delicious, healthy vegetarian food with gluten and dairy free options available. Additional special catering for other food restrictions would incur a small daily surcharge. Please specify.