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Rave Cartography - Level 3 

Would you like to take your Human Design Awakening, deconditioning  and learning to the next level? Three 4-day retreats spread over five months for Rave ABC graduates.

You'll decode deeper layers your own bodygraph and connect this with your unique experience of life.  You'll get more in touch with your potential true self and ‘not-self story' receiving daily input and coaching from Christine in relation to your chart and your own process of living it.

Yes, you'll learn  level 3 theory and more importantly, in this live workshop  your real, lived experience is supported, challenged and accelerated as you learn.  Christine uses her experience and mastery of facilitation and her reflector design to lift you to the next level of yourSELF.

You'll learn more keynoting as you start to access the coded language of human design. 

Using a range of activities we’ll go much deeper than you can imagine into:

  • The 'codes' in your design coded in the specific language of your design

  • Type,  Authority, Self, Not self themes at a much deeper and more specific level

  • Biology of the 9 centres - connecting with your body

  • Expression of the 36 channels in life

  • Your role in life -  experience of the Profiles. How do they express themselves in you consciously and unconsciously?

You'll be experiencing yourSELF in relation to your conditioning and in interaction with other types in the group.  Approaches include:

  • Input, discussion and sharing in the large group

  • Reflective self inquiry based on your BodyGraph

  • Small group/pair practice and sharing

  • Movement/dance to connect with your body

  • Guided meditation deeper into your BodyGraph and life

This very special series was taught by Christine for the first time in NZ  in 2016.  This requires gathering a group of at least 10 participants who are keen to commit to the series of 3 retreats, journeying together in this deep dive of deconditioning and learning.  Booking of venues and securing of calendar space will be required by late 2017.  

If you are curious to find out more could you please let me know?  If there's enough energy behind this I'd love to teach Rave Cartography again.  Of course being a Reflector, this can only happen if there's enough early support and interest in the NZ Human Design Community  for me to be able to set my lunar timeframe in motion! It's never too early to let me know.  Let's talk. 

2018 Dates: 3  four-day retreats spread over 5 months

Part One - June 22, 23, 24, 25

Part Two - August 24, 25, 26, 27

Part Three - October 12, 13, 14, 15 

10 Foundation Places at  $3,300.00 all inclusive for the series.

Full Price $3,600.00 all inclusive for the series.    

Payment plans spreading from 2017 through 2018 are available for those who would like to come yet need time to accumulate funds.