Living & Loving Your Design...

Now for the first time 4 days!

Are you curious to know what it's like to meet you?  Join us as we take a fascinating, enlivening journey through each centre in your BodyGraph.



Meet the building blocks that make you YOU.  Is your openness a place of sabotage or of learning?  Do you know the parts of you that are authentic and here to be brought to the world in all their diversity and fullness? 

Full empowerment comes from knowing who you are and how to navigate life as yourSELF.  You'll see who you truly are and be supported in discovering what gets in the way of  your authentic, true self. It's a transformational journey that can refresh your life!

Together, over four days –  we’ll move into the simple mechanics of who you are.  In your Foundation Reading you gained more insight.  Are you ready to go further into your BodyGraph to: 

  • Experience the effect of your type, your energy system and aura on others? 

  • See what effect their aura has on you?

  • Tap further into your personal authenticity via your strategy and authority?

  • Experience each of the nine centres in your BodyGraph whether they be open or defined?

  • Gain insight into old patterns of behaviour/conditioning that keep you from living the life you were born to live?

  • Touch into the potential of your design?

Through experiential learning you'll see yourself and your relationships with new eyes.

In this living laboratory we bring Human Design theory to life.   You’ll gain first-hand experience of aura mechanics, and unravel previously baffling experiences.  You'll relax into recognition and insight about your life and interactions.

Dates –  Fri 14, Sat 15, Sun 16, Mon 17 June, 2019

Arrive from 8:30am for a 9am start

Location : Sharda Centre Tuakau 45 mins - 1 hour South of Auckland

Secure your place by payment of your registration fee. 14 places only.

Please email me for bank account details.  Payments plans available if required.