Living in Response

Immersion for Generators and Manifesting Generators - Dates TBC for 2020 - are you keen?

To Immerse for 3 days in the potential of your Sacral Power and feel the amplification of your lived experience in response, is precious and rare…Have you been waiting?

Your strategy is to wait to respond. Are you afraid that if you wait, you’ll miss out?  You’re not alone.  In a world where the dominant conditioning is to ‘go after’ things, waiting can be a challenge yet it’s where life’s satisfaction lies for you. 

Does the discomfort of waiting drive you to try to ‘make things happen’? Or have you already had a glimpse of the comparative ease that arises when you’re in your flow with response?

No matter how long you have been studying Human Design, this experience can support your design in a way that no head stuff can! If you’d like to experiment and get some support from others who are also playing with their response, then this weekend just for Generators and Manifesting Generators could be life-giving for you. Will you join us? Indications of interest for Foundation Places are already filling.

Dates: New 2020 dates TBC - are you keen? Could you let me know?

Arrive from 8:30am for a 9am start.  Finish by 5 pm Sunday at the latest

Foundation Price: $ 740 - Just 10 places at this price

Full Price: $840 once all 10 Foundation Places have been filled

Location : Sharda Centre Tuakau 1 hour South of Auckland

Secure your place by payment of your *non- refundable $200 registration fee. Refundable if the retreat doesn’t go ahead.

Balance due TBC. 14 places only.

Please email me for bank account details.  Payments plans available if required. He


  • Just for Generators or Manifesting Generators (no other types)

  • Ideally you've had a Foundation Readingand attended a live* Living Your Design workshop. You are also welcome if you haven’t. (live* rather than on line)

  • If you're choosing between my Living Your Design and this Response workshop, I recommend Living Your Design first, because of the live learning in relation not just to yourself, but in comparison with other types. This forms a strong foundation for this in-depth immersion. Both would be ideal!

Love who you truly are, let go of what you are not. Will I see you there?

Live and Love your Design


Sacral all gates Mandala Fix.jpg

This sacral life-force is what makes you a Generator or Manifesting Generator. This is your juice for life.

Is it vital, full of creative energy? Is it flat, drained and degenerating?  Would you like to tap into this potency ?