A lunar cycle is 28 days.  One decision-making cycle concludes when the moon returns to the position in the BodyGraph it was in, when the decision was initiated. 

Christine's Human Design BodyGraph - Reflector Type




Christine Spicer is New Zealand's first internationally Certified Human Design Analyst, Guide and Teacher.

In 2005, holidaying in Germany,  I discovered Human Design and suddenly my experience of life made sense.  Four years of study later, I became the first IHDS Certified Analyst in NZ and established the first professional NZ Human Design service. Since then I've delivered over 1000 readings and qualified as a Human Design Teacher to facilitate advanced courses. 

I combine 20 years experience as a skilled Facilitator and Executive Coach in Leadership Development with my passion for Human Design. I love combining this experience with my Reflector design to mirror, enliven and teach.  This is a potent mix that helps lift you into authentic life and leadership. 

I work face to face in Auckland and via Skype wherever you are in the world. 

Spirited Leadership - shifting consciousness

I'm also one of four Directors of Spirited Leadership. Together with my three hugely talented, aware and warm hearted colleagues, we've developed a  model of Holistic Intelligence™ and new approaches to leadership development .

We shift consciousness bringing more aware, sustainable and vital ways of being, working and leading,  to our clients.  Human Design is a wonderful way to access  true integrity, health and empowerment in leadership.



Christine Spicer, Founder | Analyst | Teacher

Nicole Simons, Admin Assistant

Beautiful images provided by Mark Lapwood ACS